Privacy and Cloud Storage

Recently it seems the world is ablaze with an individual’s privacy, particularly online privacy.

– online services, like Google Drive and Dropbox, make my life easier.

– backing up my data is very important to me. I store the information locally, on an external hard drive, but also want to store it in the cloud.

– someone is going to have my information. Is that the end of the world? No. Would it be better if no one did? Probably. But I want to use those services which make my life easier, better, and allow me more comforts of life.

– if a company is going to have my information, might as well go all in with them. I use Chrome browser – that’s not going to change. I use gmail, that’s not going to change. I use google to search – that’s not going to change. Google basically knows everything about me anyways, might as well use Google Drive. I thought about keeping photos with GDrive and documents with Dropbox, but why share all of my information with two companies? Might as well go all in with one company.

– pricing

– cross-platform

– ease of use


Post – cloud storage

Google has all my informtion already

syncs across all devices

share folders without taking space of other person


– google’s backup tool:¬†

– customer service

– likelihood of bankruptcy

– quality of backups

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